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Panel Kapasitor bank / Panel Capacitor Bank

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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Specification:Generally the load on the electrical network is an inductive load.
Some of the existing inductive load disebuah electricity networks, such as
heater, Neon, electric motors, etc. So the electric load
mostly inductive load. To eliminate / reduce the power components
This inductive compensator is required capacitor / capacitor banks
Excess charge PLN KVARH on customer usage,
if the average power factor ( Cos phi) is less than 0.85. To
improve the power factor so as not paying fines, should
using Capacitor Bank Panel Applications
- Eliminate penalties / Excess Cost ( kVARh) ,
- Avoid overloading transformers / transformers ( Over Load)
- Provide additional resources so that available
- Avoid increase in current / temperature on the cable,
- Maximizing the use of power ( kVA) ,
- Power saving / efficiency
- Avoiding Line Voltage drop at end,
- Preserve Installation & electric equipment,
- Increase system stability
- Avoid other losses ...,
- Etc..

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